EOPS Book Service Award (BSA) Information

Sp Spring 2018 Book Award information

In order to find out your program status, click on the link below titled, "Book Award Status for spring 2018" and search with your student ID#. You can do this by clicking on “CTRL” and the letter “F”. Insert your ID # on the search tool bar and hit enter. Once it locates your student ID#, it will tell you if you are clear, on program warning or dropped from the program. For all students who are on program warning or dropped, your assigned specialist has been added so that you can contact them if you have any questions or concerns.  If your student ID # is not on the list, send an email to Sonia Duran-sduran@fullcoll.edu.


The last day to use your book award is Friday, February 23, 2018.  After February 23, 2018, the book award accounts at the bookstore will be deactivated.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email Sonia Duran.

 Please note: Wait listed classes do not count towards your total registered units.  You must be registered and enrolled in the class. In addition, if you received an EOPS Unit Recommendation, you must be enrolled in at least the unit recommedation that the Academic Counselor recommeded.  For example, if you were recommended 9 units, you must be enrolled in at least 9 units to be eligible for the book award.  Finally, if you are enrolled in combine units with Cypress College, the majority of the units MUST be at Fullerton College.


EOPS Lending Book Library - SAVE $

Spring 2018 - ALL EOPS Lending Library Books and calculators are at the Fullerton College Library (800 bldg).   Starting on Monday, January 29th, 2018 at 7:30am, the library reserve desk will be ready to check out books and calculators for our EOPS students to use for the entire term. 


    ~  Please download and print the voucher\contract (or pick one up in the EOPS office) : Spring 2018 Book lending Contract.pdf

    ~  Please click on the link to view a list of the books & calculators that are available to borrow for the semester: Book Lending Inventory List.pdf


  1. Please use the following link to find out what textbook you will need for your courses: Fullerton College Bookstore

  2. Go to the Library Reserve Desk on, but NOT BEFORE, the first day of the Fall, Spring or Summer term.

  3. Show your voucher, schedule bill  & student ID card.
  4. If your book(s) or your calculator is still in stock, you will check them out for the entire semester.
  5. If you do not return the items you borrowed to the Library Reserve desk by 2:00 p.m., May 26, 2018, the library will notify us and we will put a hold on your book award for the following semester.

Keep in mind that if you see a book you need on the list or if you need a calculator, that doesn't mean that there will still be inventory available by the time you com to check it out. The lending library is on a first come, first served basis and all normal Library policies apply to anything you borrow.

Any Questions? Feel Free to contact us at 714-992-7097