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Jennifer LaBounty
Director- EOPS/CARE,
(714) 992-7097
Andre Strong
EOPS Outreach Coordinator
(714) 732-5381
EOP/CARE  Program Coordinator

Full-Time Counselors

Cristina Arellano-Dueñas
EOPS Counselor
(714) 992-7546
Susan Vincent
EOPS Counselor
(714) 992-7550

Jessica Flores
(714) 992-7548
Arnett Edwards
(714) 992-7253

Juan Pablo "JP" Gonzalez
EOPS Counselor
(714) 992-7547

Adjunct Counselors

Jessica Garcia

Steve Brooks
Leticia Munoz

Constance Walsh
Leticia Munoz
Steve Brooks
Danielle Bejarano
Veronica Rios

Carolyn Lake


Student Services Specialist

Sonia Duran
(714) 732-5385
Teresita Guillen-Soto
Financial Aid Specialist
(714) 732-5379
Dolores Cornejo
FYSI and CARE Specialist/Coordinator
(714) 732-5382

Support Staff

Christi O'Daniel
Admin Assistant II
(714) 732-5377
Nicole Howard
EOPS Clerk
Lorena Sanchez -Martinez
EOPS Hourly

Grace Sebo
EOPS Hourly
Jacqueline Leon
EOPS Hourly
Arlene Alonso
EOPS Hourly
Amy O'Daniel
EOPS Hourly
Cindy Amarillas
EOPS Outreach Hourly
Yanett Camarillo
EOPS Outreach Hourly
Aaron Woelke
EOPS Hourly
Iris Rangel
CARE Hourly
Colleen Appleberry
CARE Hourly
Andrea Franquez
CARE Hourly
Jasmin Herrera
FYSI Hourly
Mayra Perez
FYSI Hourly
Eliza Arellano
EOPS Hourly


The Story Behind the Nickel & the Nail

The story goes that a young man,
years ago in the deep South,
walking down a long, unpaved,
dusty road to visit his lady friend,
was all too aware that he had
but a nickel in his pocket and
that his self-esteem would be
questioned if he were unable to
 indicate that he was a
man of means. Noticing two
gnarled horseshoe nails
lying by the side of the road,
he picked them up and
put them in his pocket.
As he jingled these ferrous
objects together with his
meager fortune, he walked
 a little big straighter and with
a little more pride and dignity.

Similarly, the Extended
Opportunity Program
endeavors to enhance
self-esteem, foster
pride and dignity,
and motivate those
whom the program serves,
enabling them to more
effectively define and
pursue career goals.
It is important that they
too have “something to jingle”.

Further, the nails are
twisted into a puzzle,
suggesting that the complete
enigma has still yet to be
unraveled for helping those who,
 through societal circumstances,
have been limited in successfully
 meeting their educational challenge.